Measuring windows for Wheatbelt Rolling Shutters is very important. Measurements must be made with care and accuracy. An incorrectly measured opening can be very costly.

Always state actual measurements in inches to the nearest 1/8th inch. The 5 basic areas that are of particular concern when measuring are:

Width Outside of Rails and/or Between Rails ?

Be sure to tell the factory which way you measured.

Height of the Side Rails ?

The bottom of the rail starts on the sill of the window or the deck in the caseof a patio door. If the sill of the window needs an extension, request a sill angle with the order. Sill angle is available in 1″ X 1.25″ or 1.5″ X 2″ sizes.

The top end of the rail should extend to the top of the window trim or brick mold.

Watch for several problems:

  1. How much space is there above the window up to the soffit? When the area above the window is limited you can do one of four things.
    1. Lower the shutter box (this may require a back cover on the box
    2. Choose a style of shutter with a smaller slat to make the box smaller
    3. Install the shutter box into the soffit.
    4. Contact the factory for other suggestions or measuring tips
  2. Is it a casement window that opens like a door?
    1. Add an extra 1.5″ onto the rail height to insure proper window clearance in order to open the window.
    2. Contact the factory for any questions
  1. Does the area above the window project outward?
    1. Build out the window edge with 1″ X 2″ wood boards in order to make the mounting surface even.
    2. Contact the factory if you have questions.

Available Height Above The Rail for the Shutter Box ?

The size of the box cover depends on two things.

  1. The height of the rails – A taller shutter will require a larger box cover to contain the greater number of slat required.
  2. The type and size of the slat – The different sizes and types of slat available require varying amounts of room to roll up. A smaller slat will require a smaller box cover.EXAMPLE: A shutter With 84″ Rails:
    Slat & Size Side Rail Width
    32mm PVC Slatrequires a 7″ box for this height 2 1/8″
    40mm Roll-Formed Aluminum Slatrequires a 8″ box for this height 2 1/8″
    52mm PVC slatrequires a 10″ square or 10.25″ taper box cover 1 3/4″ V-System or2 5/16″ or 3″ maxi
    55mm Roll-Formed Aluminum Slatrequires a 10″ square box cover 1 3/4″ V-System or2 5/16″ or 3″ maxi

    (See Technical Information for complete chart)

There are two styles of end caps and how they relate to the rail.

Cast-aluminum end caps fit flush with the rail on VM and Maxi System.

V-System with 1.75″ rails have a 1.125″ overhand to the side of the rail.

Note: For gear and strap systems, the location of the control hole needed to enter the building is also of considerable importance.

More details are located in the architectural brochures.

Control Location ?

The control side of the shutter is always determined from the inside of the window (right or left). It is best to make the shutter as wide as possible to keep a manual control away from the wood trim on the inside and outside of the house (you don’t need to drill through the wood trim if possible). This is especially true with metal windows without outside trim.

There are four types of controls available for rolling shutters.

  1. Electric – Different types of switches available.
  2. Crank- gearbox can be turned over to change the height of the control hole.
  3. Strap – best for small shutters
  4. Push up – can be used for counter-top serving windows.

Multi-Panel Shutters ?

Two awning windows side by side usually require one panel or an offset cetner rail to allow at least onee window to open. The distance between the awning windows when they are open is almost always less than the width of the center rails.

Multi-panel shutters can have a control for each panel or one control for all the panels combined. The limiting factor for one control in this type of shutter is the total weight that a given control can lift. Only the electrically-operated shutters are exempt from this limitation.

Measurement of multi-panel shutters need to be drawn out as follows or use the back side of the order form.

Measure the total width including the space occupied by the rail for a milti-panel shutter. Measure each panel on center Wheatbelt will figure rail and mullion needs accordingly.

In shutters with a total width of over 10ft. or with multiple controls, a wider center rail is needed to support a carrier bearing or make room for the control. Center rails range from 3″ for the VM style to 4.625″ for the large V slat system.